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Move to America - Part Three!

Usa Worldisavillage Scaled

​Here's 5 more reasons for an ambitious recruiter to consider moving to the States...


In the UK people immediately infer a lot about you from where you do your weekly food shop. There is a supermarket hierarchy over here that does not exist in the US.

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Whilst the US is rife with drive-thru restaurants, it is the drive-thru banks that tickle me. That is right. A drive-thru bank.



Not only are the cars bigger in the USA, but so are the roads. Parking is nearly always free in the US, whereas in the UK you pretty much always must pay for the privilege of parking nowhere near where you want to go. Plus, you don’t need an MOT certificate in the USA.

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A barbeque in the UK means a burnt sausage and a warm beer in the rain. In the US it is a whole different ball game. From roadside shacks to eateries selling the sauciest of smoked ribs, beef brisket and pulled pork, America has BBQ food down to a fine art.



In the UK if you make eye contact with someone on the tube you are instantly classed as a loony. We dare to talk about the weather and only the weather with total strangers, Americans are happy to strike up a conversation about anything, anytime.

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