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Move to America - Part One!

How To Move From Uk To Usa

​There's a reason they call it the land of dreams...

If you're a recruiter and you've been thinking about making a move over to the USA, but you're not quite sold yet, let us tell you why this could be the best move you ever make!

Road trips

Not only is the weather more conducive to road trips in the US, but the convertible cars, the open roads and not to mention the plethora of movies about how awesome road trips are, make the whole idea a wonderful reality. In the UK if you want to go anywhere you must endure the M25 car park and feast in a Little Chef, so go on... treat yourself.

Big sporting occasions

OK, so England won the World Cup in ‘66; the Americans celebrate every big sporting event as if it is the World Cup final. The marching bands, the cheerleaders, the halftime celebrity entertainment, the confetti cannons: we are really missing a trick over here, but probably saving some cash.


There is a real pride about achieving the American Dream. The majority of people are out there to work hard and dig deep. That hard work does tend to pay off, think big house, big car, big salary...


We Brits are patriotic when we have something to be patriotic about: football, a royal wedding, the Queen’s birthday.... Americans on the other hand take patriotism to a WHOLE... NEW... LEVEL...

Shopping malls

We have the Trafford Centre in Manchester... America has a larger mall in even the littlest of towns. They take shopping seriously. Hanging out at the mall is a rite of passage for an American teenager. Shopping in the UK involves a lacklustre trip to the high street and a splurge in Primark.

*Furiously googles flights*

So there it is! If this has piqued your interest get in touch for a non-formal conversation about the process and what roles we have on!


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Not convinced?

Keep a look for Move to America - Part 2, coming soon!