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City Guide: Dallas

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As the city where a diverse collection of items including the frozen margarita, the microchip and the mall were invented, Dallas is clearly an interesting place. But what exactly does the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the US have to offer today? What sets it apart from other cities? Read on to find out all about Dallas, its culture and why it could be your new home.


Selected in 2019 as the best culinary city in America by Bon Appetit, Dallas is finally starting to be appreciated for its burgeoning restaurant scene. Traditional Texan barbecue, developed during the 19th century by cowboys, is still one of the most mouth-watering options around. But there is a wide range of food available, including authentic Mexican fare, the Tex-Mex hybrid and various Asian cuisines, such as Lao, Vietnamese or sushi. There’s something for everyone – the land of brisket even has a thriving vegetarian and vegan offering.

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With the largest arts district in the US in downtown Dallas, there is a vast array of museums and performing arts centres, covering everything from fine art to community theatre to opera. Iconic venues include the Majestic Theatre and the Sixth Floor museum. The Deep Ellum arts district, known for being a hotspot of jazz and blues during the early 20th century, is now home to hundreds of artists who live in studios and work in entertainment venues and galleries in the area. For the more historically-minded, there are other museums where you can geek out on classic planes or reflect on the history of human rights.


Dallas is home to iconic teams across the three traditional American sports including the Cowboys, the Mavericks and the Rangers. The Cowboys play in a stadium so big that you could fit the Statue of Liberty inside it, even with the roof closed. But don’t worry – if you are of the (correct) opinion that none of these sports can hold a candle to ‘soccer’, there is also an MLS team, FC Dallas. They might not quite have the long history or proud heritage of English football clubs, but they do have a strong reputation for developing youth talent, effectively making them the Ajax of the MLS. And who doesn’t like Ajax? If you are more of a player than a spectator, there are a wide range of facilities, including golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and athletic clubs.


Given it is the city which invented that most American of institutions, the mall, it is little surprise that Dallas is now host to a wealth of excellent shopping options, including Highland Park Village, the oldest open-air shopping centre in the country. Other destinations include the flagship store of the iconic Neiman Marcus luxury department store brand, the North-Park Center or the Knox-Henderson district.

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So there are plenty of good reasons to move to Dallas. All that remains is finding the right job! Luckily enough, Cavana Search works with some of the highest-calibre brands in the booming American staffing market, offering exciting roles at premium levels of compensation. To find out more, have a look at our roles, or get in contact with a consultant today:

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